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We have a long-term perspective when providing support and promoting the development of our existing companies, as well as complementing our divisions with additional companies.

Group CEO

Lars Fredin

At Dacke Industri, we empower through decentralization and collaboration; what do we mean by that?

In our business model, decentralization is an important part of how we operate. This is based on the thought that our companies best know how to manage their businesses. We strongly believe that the development of unique strengths ensures that we continue to innovate with new products and services. Decentralization comes with a lot of trust in management and the company’s capability to foster growth and sustainability.

I have seen more and more collaboration among the companies. That is something we really encourage and support since this does help us to be a stronger group. We should keep in mind that to grow good ideas and cooperation among peers and partners goes a long way. There have been several good collaborations across our divisions. Essential to the success of cooperation is that it starts within the companies. On the Dacke level, we believe the best partnerships are started by you!

On the 23rd and 24th of May, CEOs and CFOs will gather in Mölle, Sweden, to share ideas on how to develop our businesses. While continuing to focus on growth and profitability, we will also gain a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence’s potential for our enterprises.

In June, we are hosting a Dacke Industri ESG Network meeting. We will investigate how ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and EU directives should help us move forward in these areas. A follow-up session is planned for autumn. Many of us are experts and deep into ESG work, and what better way forward than to share and develop how we move forward with ESG and CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

We recently held a Dacke Industri Communication and Marketing Network in Helsingborg. This platform of communication experts is there to make sure we can build tangible results out of branding and communication. You will see the results as we move forward but generally, I would like all companies to tell their stories a lot more to colleagues and partners.

I expect we will welcome more companies to Dacke Industri during the year. Our results so far have been strong and allow us to look at more acquisitions. The basis for new partners to join us remains on our values: Trust, Integrity, and Development.

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Best regards
Lars Fredin