Our Values

Within Dacke Industri, we work systematically to promote decent, safe working conditions with a reduced negative environmental impact, and to combat corruption, unethical business conduct and discrimination.

Long term view and active ownership through the Board

Dacke follows a very strict standard of ethics and our business philosophy with decentralized leadership puts a high demand on the integrity and professionalism of our employees.

Our owners, Nordstjernan, are in turn owned by Axel and Margaret Ax: son Johnson’s foundations, which enables a very long-term perspective and characterizes our view on building sustainable companies over time.

The impact of the companies

Dacke Industri’s impact on the world at large arises primarily through the production and use of its subsidiaries’ products and services. The impact of the different companies on the environment varies, which is why we work continuously to demand that the companies adopt the codes of conduct and work methods that create maximum benefit in each specific case.