December 12, 2023

Dacke Industri acquired, on December 7th, 2023, 100% of Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH shares. Völkel Mikroelektronik has been a renowned company at the forefront of technological advancements on machines in the construction, agriculture, and forestry sectors for almost 40 years.

The acquisition of the German company Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH is a strategic expansion that further solidifies the European footprint and reinforces our commitment to meeting our customers’ evolving needs. It also supports our drive to grow and strengthen alongside businesses specializing in their own products, customized components, and systems. Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH will join our Electronics division, benefitting from the extensive expertise that similar companies bring to our group.

Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH equips mobile machines with digital controls, used wherever the harsh environment requires particularly robust electronics, such as excavators, soil compactors, field sprayers, forestry harvesters, and other mobile machines. They also provide sensors and systems for compaction control and digitized road construction.

As a technologically advanced company, they have significantly improved machines in construction, agriculture, and forestry. For several decades, they have consistently delivered flexible, innovative, and custom-made product solutions that enable customers to distinguish themselves in a rapidly expanding industry.

Völkel Mikroelektronik’s headquarters is in Münster, Germany, and it has 30 employees.

“By focusing on the key features, consistent development and simplification, we have created unique products. As we join forces with Dacke Industri, we can seize more opportunities and extend our presence in unexplored markets,” says Dirk Jansen, CEO of Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH.

“As the company owner for roundabout 40 years, I have been fortunate to be a part of an incredible journey. I am delighted to have found a long-term owner in Dacke Industri that will enable and empower the company and its employees to continue this journey in the future,” says Ulrich Völkel, former owner of Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH.

“The acquisition of Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH is a significant milestone for Dacke Industri. It supports our growth strategy and enhances our presence in the European market. We will also achieve even more remarkable progress by tapping into similar companies’ extensive expertise and market presence within the Electronics division and Dacke Industri. Völkel Mikroelektronik’s quality products, technical and application know-how, and customized solutions in close customer relationships generate many opportunities. With Völkel Mikroelektronik being a part of Dacke Industri, I look forward to seeing how we can develop and enhance our competitiveness and success,” says Lars Åleby, VP Electronics of Dacke Industri.

This is Dacke Industri
Dacke Industri is a long-term owner that invests in innovative technology companies within selected niches with potential for development. We provide expertise and strategic guidance to build sustainable companies over time. We follow a decentralized model where our companies have a high degree of autonomy and are run independently.

Our companies have their own products or systems with a strong technical focus, development- and design expertise, and quality execution. The companies use existing platforms for innovation and work towards environmentally sustainable products and production.

Dacke Industri is owned by Nordstjernan since January 2016.

Today Dacke Industri has 19 subsidiaries within 4 divisions, about 1500 employees worldwide, and net sales of SEK 4,3 billion.

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VP Electronics
Dacke Industri
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Dirk Jansen
Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH
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Lars Fredin
Group CEO
Dacke Industri
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