January 12, 2023

Dacke Industri is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Bengt-Erik Karlberg as the new CEO of Swedrive AB, effective February 1st, 2023.

With 25 years of experience as CEO of companies in several industries, such as subcontractors to the automotive industry, vegetation technology for urban development, and the construction and real estate industry, Bengt-Erik has for more than 15 years developed Veg Tech AB in vegetation technology solutions to today being a subsidiary within Nordic Waterproofing, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Bengt-Erik has a long background within the manufacturing industry and most recently comes from Rappgo AB, where he was CEO. With a background as a Development Engineer and a reserve officer in the Air Force, the key ambition throughout his professional career has always been to create added value through organic growth combined with acquisitions, performed together with committed and driven employees.

Bengt-Erik Karlberg, CEO of Swedrive said: “Swedrive has a unique competence and product mix, combined with a strong owner, so it will be exciting to become part of the team on the continued journey.”

“With Bengt-Erik onboard as CEO of Swedrive, we will continue to strengthen the relationship with our customers and partners and create further opportunities to increase the pace of organic growth. Through his previous experience and knowledge, we are strengthening our industrial competence where we create sustainable, profitable growth.” Says Lars Fredin, Group CEO at Dacke Industri and Chairman of Swedrive AB.

About Swedrive AB

Swedrive produces electromechanical cylinders, screw jacks and worm gears for applications with high demands on quality and environment. Swedrive develops sustainable technology adapted to customers’ requirements. It has its headquarters located in Lagan, Småland with 68 employees and an annual turnover of around SEK 200 million. Swedrive offers a wide product range, and the absolute strengths lies in the long experience, deep competence and the recognized high quality. In addition, also a great flexibility in our ability to design and construct smart solutions, but also in quickly adapting to new conditions to meet our customers’ needs. It is in these strengths that it make a difference in the market, and it is for customers who value these strengths that we operate.

Swedrive – We develop for the future

This is Dacke Industri

Dacke Industri is a long-term owner that invests in innovative technology companies within selected niches with potential for development. We provide expertise and strategic guidance to build sustainable companies over time.

We follow a decentralized model where our companies have a high degree of autonomy and are run independently.

Our companies have their own products or systems with a strong technical focus, development- and design expertise, and quality execution. The companies use existing platforms for innovation and work towards environmentally sustainable products and production.

Dacke Industri is owned by Nordstjernan since January 2016.

Today Dacke Industri has 19 subsidiaries, close to 1900 employees worldwide, and a net sales exceeding SEK 4 billion.

For more information please contact:

Lars Fredin
Group CEO
Dacke Industri
+46 70 770 71 00 lars.fredin@dackeindustri.com

Bengt-Erik Karlberg
Swedrive AB
+46 70 544 42 66 bengterik.karlberg@swedrive.se