Dacke Industri's subsidiary Transtronic is looking for a new CEO


Transtronic is looking for you who have a strong sales and market-oriented result focus. You are a bit of an entrepreneur,  an imaginative and enterprising person who creates new business opportunities in combination with good business acumen. You have a well-developed ability to see the big picture and understand the value of strategic focus. You move painlessly among customers, suppliers, board, and staff; you are a positive messenger for your surroundings.

We want your leadership to be characterized by clarity and a positive, natural, and unpretentious weight. You also have a delegating approach where you create good conditions for your employees to succeed in their daily work. You have an extremely good ability to build teams and bring people with you towards a clear goal focus.

Read more at: VD till Transtronic – Norén & Lindholm (norenlindholm.se)

Dacke Industri award -Company Of The Year 2021


Lars Fredin, CEO at Dacke Industri, proudly announced earlier this year Company Of The Year 2021 within Dacke Industri. Yesterday the award was received with pleasure by Kenneth Carlsson, CEO at UVA LIDKÖPING on site at Dacke Industri in Helsingborg.

Congratulations and well-deserved UVA LIDKÖPING to the successful journey and to the business's increased growth and economic development.

UVA Lidköping has become a part of the Dacke Industri 2017, and we are looking forward to many years together with further growth, engagement, and success stories.

Read more about UVA LlDKÖPING here. https://www.uvalidkoping.com

For more information please contact:

Lars Fredin
Group CEO for Dacke Industri AB
+46 76 770 71 00  | lars.fredin@dackeindustri.se