Swedrive invests for the future

Swedrive has recently opened a new 2700 square meter production hall in Lagan, 100 km south of Jönköping.

With the expansion they now have a total of over 6000 square meters. Several new machines have also been acquired and since 2016 Swedrive have made investments in total of 54 MSEK.

The expansion and machine investments are the first steps in their commitment to strengthening the position as one of Northern Europe's leading manufacturers of electromechanical solutions.

Swedrive will also modernize their assembly lines and build a major development and testing centre as well as a brand-new paint shop with blaster to be able to paint classes up to C5 in-house.

Swedrive today delivers customized gears, screw jacks and electromechanical cylinders for an amount of approximately 115 MSEK.

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Mikael Petersson                              Börje Vernet
CEO Swedrive                                   CEO Dacke Industri
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